How to Plan a New Years Eve Party for Children

When most individuals think of a New Years Eve party, they picture a party with mostly grownups and do not typically think of children when thinking about these types of parties. However, every year many New Years Eve parties either include children or are designed specifically for kids. Whether you are preparing to throw a New Years Eve party for your children or your friends or are only planning to allow your adult guests to bring their children to the party, there are some conditions which must be taken when planning a New Years Eve party.

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The Types of Christmas Trees to Choose From

The Christmas tree tradition in the United States came from German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. This tradition of Christmas trees is believed to stem from Germany from as early as 700 A.D and was part of the German tradition in the 1800s. During that period Christmas trees became available for sale in the United States since 1800s just about the same period that the former Woolworth’s department store began selling ready-made decorations for Christmas trees.

Although artificial Christmas trees are very popular, a lot of people still choose to have a freshly harvested Christmas tree either inside their homes, or out on their lawns. Just like all other trees, Christmas trees also come in different shapes and sizes that make a few types more popular than others.

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Potluck Ideas for a New Year’s Eve Party

If you are preparing to host a New Years Eve party this year, you may want to make it a pot luck event. A lot of people go for potluck picnics and parties for other social gatherings, so, why not for a New Years Eve party? Several advantages in hosting pot luck events include cutting down the amount of work for the party host, at the same time seeing to it that the guests enjoy most of the food provided. It can also reduce the amount of leftovers at the end of the evening. Here are some potluck ideas you can use for your New Year’s Eve party or just about any potluck party event you may have.

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Tips on Holding Christmas Parties at Home

It can be very gratifying to serve your friends, families and loved ones especially during the Christmas holidays. Taking some time to share food, entertainment and laughter in fun and festive ways is truly a part of the spirit of Christmas.

When deciding to hold a party at home, among the first things to consider is determining whether it will be a formal or an informal event. Among the key matters that demands careful consideration are the number of persons attending, the food and its preparation, and the Christmas themed decoration that fits the holiday festivities. It's also necessary to know who among your friends or family members will be available you out if needed.

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Proper Storage Tips for Your Snowmobile

Snowmobiles are a piece of equipment that commonly gets used for a maximum of four months out of the year in several areas. That means that they must be stored for around eight months out of the year. Taking extra safeguards and preparations when storing your snowmobile for the hotter months will make it easier to enjoy the wintertime with a fresh and maintained machine at the start of the season. Following are some primary rules and tips to follow when stashing away your snowmobile in order to ensure the maximum amount of enjoyment when the first snow falls in your region.

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DIY Old-fashioned Christmas Decorations

Once upon a time, families popped popcorn and bought cranberries and raisins. They took a thick needle and heavy-duty thread, and made long colorful streamers of white popcorn (no flavorings, please) and red cranberries, and draped them around an evergreen tree in their yard. It was a way of sharing the feast and the joy with birds and other wild creatures who otherwise have slim pickings in winter months. It was also beautiful.
Decorating for Christmas doesn’t actually require ANY electricity to do well.
Check out more of Christmas decorating tips by StaciB.

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Christmas Pictures - Free Wallpaper and Clip Art Sources for Kids This Christmas

Looking for inspiring Christmas pictures for projects and the kids this holiday season? Free wallpaper and clip art sources are in abundance on the web for Christmas, but where are best sources and what site offers what it is you’re looking for? Christmas wallpaper is fun to have as a screensaver and clip art works great for school projects as well as for holiday cards and fun emails. Check here for free clip art, pictures, and, wallpaper websites to visit for your Christmas projects.
Check out these Christmas resources shared by Heather Tooley.

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How to Make Votive Candles

Votives are among the easiest kinds of candles to make. For those who are new to candlemaking, this is an excellent experience while learning the basics of the candle-making process.
Votive candles are often used as accents for a center piece or decors. Votives are very economical because they can burn for up to fifteen hours.

Votives are very economical because they can burn for up to fifteen hours. Some votive candles need to have a holder.  To save money, look for votive candle holders at yard sales and thrift shop. To add a personalized touch to your votive candles, apply some of decor that suits your taste such as pretty ribbon, or pine cones, etc, with a hot glue gun around the votive candle holder.

Materials needed
double boiler
wick tabs
dye and fragrance (optional)

 The wick tabs will serve as the base for the candle. To ensure your candles will properly form in the molds, invest in a mold spray to keep them lubricated and clean.
Prepare your molding area by placing old newspapers under the wax molds.  This will ensure easy clean up afterwards.  When the wax melts, add the colors and scents if any. Pour the melted wax immediately into the molds up to its brim.
While wax is cooling down in the molds, ready your wicks. Attach a wick a few inches longer than the mold to a wick tab. Dip each wick into the hot wax. Keep watch over the votive molds because they cool faster then other types of candles. Once you see the wax begins to harden, insert a wick with the tab into a mold through the bottom. The metal tab will meld to the wax, as it continues to cool, securing it stays put at the base of the candle.  Be sure that your wick remains in the center of the votive while the candles cool.
When the wax completely cools and set, there will be a noticeable sink hole in it caused by natural shrinkage. You may pour melted wax into the molds once more to repair this. Make sure that the wax is about 15 degrees hotter than the initial wax you used to fill the votives. Once the candles have totally cooled again, they'll slide out of the molds with ease. Trim the wick to about half an inch from the candle top. For safety, you may choose to use a votive holder that is one or two inches taller than the actual candle.
Add a personal touch your candles with scents, colors or designs. Votive candles also make excellent gifts.

Do You Need to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Are you are one of those homeowners who wish that your abode was a little more exciting, bit different, or more attractive? Although many homeowners are more than satisfied with their home, there are some who wish for more. If you are among those homeowners, perhaps it’s time for a change. In spite of what you might believe, that change does not have to involve purchasing a new home, it can call for a simple remodeling project — a bathroom remodeling project, perhaps.

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How to Prevent Your Running Shoes From Getting Smelly

Sometimes, running shoes become smelly basically because of perspiration. If your feet easily get sweaty, the odor gets worse because a particular type of bacteria or fungi grows between your toes. Here are a few ways to help keep your running shoes from smelling stinky:

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Choose the Perfect Dog House for Your Canine Family Member

Dogs have been among the most popular family pets from ages and taking care of a dog calls for showing him suitable care and tending to all of his needs and housing is among the basic needs of every animal. When it concerns dog houses, you'll be able to find more adequate solutions to take proper care of your dog’s housing essentials while keeping to your budget, if that's an issue.

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