How to Sort Your Documents

Sorting through piles of yellowing documents can be a daunting task—especially if you’re not sure what to chuck and what to save. Give the new year a fresh, clean start by following these guidelines.


How to Paint Using a Roller

For large, flat surfaces, painting by roller is easier than painting by brush for the average do-it-yourself painter. Here are tips on using a roller for painting.


How to Maximize and Enjoy Your Free Time at Home

If you don’t have a lot of free time at home – and when you do, it seems to go by in a split second– how can you start enjoying your time alone?
If your downtime seems to disappear into the ether, it may be because you’re getting sucked into mindless activities like watching TV or soap operas. You can fall into a rut of mundane activities, but deeds that are engaging, involving and creative are more likely to satisfy you. Here are ways to make most of your time.


How to Choose a Good Story For Children

Children often look forward to story-telling time at the end of the day. How do you choose a good story so it will also be a worthwhile and a learning experience? Here are some pointers.


How to Heighten Your Mood During Exercise

Some runners experience euphoria known as the “runner’s high” which is triggered by high endorphin levels while exercising. But you don’t have to run to get the sensation. “Anything that raises your heart rate, like spinning or swimming, will create the same feeling.” says sports psychologist Misia Jervis. Work out at 70 percent of your heart rate – you should feel slightly breathless and warm, but still be able to carry a conversation.

How to Select Melons

True, you can get them virtually year round but they’re never sweeter and juicier than in summer. Melons of all kinds, especially the orange-flesh variety, offer unique flavor, low-calorie nutrition and lots of vitamin A. Best of all, they take well to everything, from an appealing appetizer, such as Melons and Ham, to a mixed-fruit salad.


How to Create Storage Space in a Small Room

When faced with a situation of having limited space such as a dorm, a shared apartment or condo, these tips may come in handy. You will not have much space, so be creative when you organize and make your plans.

If permitted, build a loft. With just a few pieces of wood, nails, and a power saw, you can turn a humble shanty into a palace of sorts. You can have enough room for shelves, books, sound system, etc.

You will not have much space, so be creative when you organize and make your plans.

A large trunk can serve various functions. It can be storage for clothes, a table, or a sturdy base for stacking other items such as other storage units.

Baskets can be used as storage for magazines, shoes, balls, keys, pencils, make up, or hand towels. Crates can also be used for bigger items.

Bookshelves are great space savers. Check your room if shelves are already installed. If shelves are already present, utilize it well. If not, then buy or build what you need. The home depot, furniture outlet, flea market, or lumberyard would be a good source of materials and ideas.

If you have a large CD collection, consider putting these into storage albums. They will be easier to transport and take up less room on your bookshelf or desk drawer.

Plastic storage bins are very useful. They come in different sizes that can even fit under your bed. With this idea, you leave no room for wasted space.

Always be creative and you will find multitude of ideas from ordinary things

How to Host A Wine Tasting Party

Even if you’re not a connoisseur, you can still throw a tantalizing and intimate wine-tasting party. You’ll soon figure out that it is not that daunting.
Keep the party mood light and informal. A good crowd of 10-12 people is manageable. You may invite a chef or someone you know who’s a wine lover to provide a few pointers.


How to Cope with the Tensions of Daily Life

A certain amount of tension is healthy and necessary for concentration on the job to be done. But the time may come when tension increases to the point of over-anxiety, fear, and stress. This can endanger mental ability, emotional control, and in time physical vigor. Here are some ideas for dealing with tensions everyday so that they do not build up to unmanageable proportions.


How to Minimize Mildew Buildup

Here are tips on how to minimize mildewing and how to deal with this condition especially in rainy weather.

Too much humidity causes havoc on your efforts at keeping your homes clean and sparkling. Too much dampness encourages mildewing of many things, especially in the areas that are dark and don’t get enough air, or are grimy and greasy.

  • During a heavy downpour when windows and doors have to be closed, have ventilation going, like an electric fan or air-conditioning system not just to keep rooms cool but also to have air circulation.  After the rain, open the windows wide to freshen the air indoors.
  • Mustiness indicates mildewing.  Once in a while leave closets open and cabinet drawers open to prevent the buildup of moisture.  Scrub mildewy drawers and closets with anti-mildew solutions bought from your local drugstore or supermarket. Let dry thoroughly before closing cabinets.
  •  Used clothing that is damp should first be dried before tossing them in the hamper. 
  • Don’t hang clothes too closely in the closet to allow air to flow freely around the garments, thus discouraging the growth of moulds. 
  • You may leave a small electric bulb on continuously in or near a book case to keep books as dry as possible.  Should the books become moldy, wipe off mould with clean, soft cloth.  If books become damp, dust talcum powder between the leaves.  After several hours, brush off talcum powder. 
  • Basements with mildewy cement or tile floors should be scrubbed with a solution of chlorine bleach– one half to one cup bleach to each gallon of water.  On asphalt, don’t let the solution stand longer than necessary to prevent discoloration.
  • Set shoes and luggage which are susceptible to mildew on shelves, instead of on floor.
  • Spread out shower curtains to dry after your bath.


How to Turn Your Room Into a Personal Sanctuary of Peace

According to healer and author Denise Linn “Our homes can provide us with the ideal place to take out, whether to cool down after a stressful day at work or get to the bottom of a relationship fall-out.” A cluttered and untidy home is difficult to use for relaxation or meditation because it makes us feel ill at ease.
You can turn our home into a haven. If you live in a shared house, simply apply these tips to your bedroom.