How to Minimize Mildew Buildup

Here are tips on how to minimize mildewing and how to deal with this condition especially in rainy weather.

Too much humidity causes havoc on your efforts at keeping your homes clean and sparkling. Too much dampness encourages mildewing of many things, especially in the areas that are dark and don’t get enough air, or are grimy and greasy.

  • During a heavy downpour when windows and doors have to be closed, have ventilation going, like an electric fan or air-conditioning system not just to keep rooms cool but also to have air circulation.  After the rain, open the windows wide to freshen the air indoors.
  • Mustiness indicates mildewing.  Once in a while leave closets open and cabinet drawers open to prevent the buildup of moisture.  Scrub mildewy drawers and closets with anti-mildew solutions bought from your local drugstore or supermarket. Let dry thoroughly before closing cabinets.
  •  Used clothing that is damp should first be dried before tossing them in the hamper. 
  • Don’t hang clothes too closely in the closet to allow air to flow freely around the garments, thus discouraging the growth of moulds. 
  • You may leave a small electric bulb on continuously in or near a book case to keep books as dry as possible.  Should the books become moldy, wipe off mould with clean, soft cloth.  If books become damp, dust talcum powder between the leaves.  After several hours, brush off talcum powder. 
  • Basements with mildewy cement or tile floors should be scrubbed with a solution of chlorine bleach– one half to one cup bleach to each gallon of water.  On asphalt, don’t let the solution stand longer than necessary to prevent discoloration.
  • Set shoes and luggage which are susceptible to mildew on shelves, instead of on floor.
  • Spread out shower curtains to dry after your bath.