Dealing With Problem Birds on Your Cherry Trees

 If you are lucky to get a cherry tree in your garden, there is much pleasure that can come from them. Eating the delicious cherries that came from your tree is a rewarding experience in itself. Some people are impressed by the fact that you have a cherry tree, as they are generally not regarded by non-gardening aficionados as an exotic type.

However, along with delicacies that can come from a cherry tree, there are several annoyances as well. Creatures seem to attract uninvited guests more than any other plant in the world. Almost daily there seems to be a new type of plague that swarms the tree, trying to grab a bite of her delicious fruit. No one can blame them, but if you prefer to have them eat delicious fruits, they must have their own trees.
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Among the major problems that a lot of people deal with, are that the birds consume much of fruits of the tree. This may seem almost impossible to stop. After all, they can go from any angle and make a quick peck at the cherries. They can also sit undetected on the branches and eat out all day. A bird definitely has versatility to its advantage. These little guys can be a nuisance to the capture or shoo away. However, there are many different ways that can discourage the birds from your place.
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The most exploited to trick to shoo away the birds is to put a plastic owl in the vicinity of the house. If you find any animal that usually eats birds and buy a plastic version, usually the real birds to follow their instincts and avoid it. These can include snakes, hawks, owls, scarecrows (they do not eat the birds in general but are most likely to scare the birds away). Most can be bought at your local garden store. If you prefer a different, more natural looking version, try to search online, then you're sure to find something that works.
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If you purchase a plastic animal of some sort, you can usually cure the problem of birds infestation for a while. However, other birds are very brave (or just stubbord), and shall eat proceed to eat the fruits anyway. Almost any reflective surface or noisy objects keep birds from getting too close. The use of reflective tape designed to scare the birds is very popular. Use this in combination with a variety of wind chimes to scare them. When you have a plastic animal along with the themes of reflection and noisy items, almost all birds will be too scared to get even closer.
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While flying animals take a little more than their share of the fruit, it is good to still consider leaving a tree just for them. While they may appear as pests sometimes, the birds may be the only thing that adds cheerful life to your garden. If you're used to birds and suddenly you drove them all away, you'll soon think there's something missing from your garden, which, deep inside, you really loved all the while.

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