How and When to Fertilize Plants in Your Indoor Garden

Fertilizing plants is almost a ritual with some growers. Some just do it methodically at stated intervals without much regard for the individual plant and its needs. Usually, growing plants flourish with biweekly feedings of soluble fertilizer. Any well-known brands like Blossom Booster, fish emulsion, Ra-Pid-Gro, Hyponex, Plant Marvel, or Ortho are good. Before you fertilize, check the top-soil first to determine that it is moist. Fertilizer poured onto dry soil could bum the feeder roots and the leaves may droop over the edge of the pot. Never fertilizer plants during any period of rest or dormancy.

Some growers prefer to alternate types of fertilizer, using a chemical for one feeding, an organic type for the next. For instance, you could alternate Ra-Pid-Gro and Atlas Fish Emulsion.
A lot of growers report great success using Blue Whale, a mixture of shredded moss, seaweed, and ground whale parts. Simply sprinkle this on the topsoil, then water it in.

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