Table Setting Idea: Using Pastel Colors

A table setting using pastel colors exude serenity with its muted and ethereal beauty. Renaissance and Impressionist painters have used various combinations of pastel colors on their masterpieces. When transferred to the art of table setting, to achieve this, take note of these simple tips:

1) If you want a more serious or classy-rustic, effect for entertaining adults, focus on using pastel-colored ceramics either in blue, yellow, or green. For a more juvenile or girly effect, replace the blue and green with pink and orange.

2) Using a single color in various shades (monochromatic effect) distributed among different stoneware plates and bowls can create a cohesive look.

3) Mixing various shapes, sizes, and textures of pastel-colored ceramics makes the table setting more interesting. Experiment by combining fine ceramics with some accents using earthenware.

4) Use a white vase or one in translucent cream or butter yellow color.

The food and the wine will add the strong colors for this type of table setting.

Post note: Two summers ago, hubby and I took a course in Food and Beverage Services. It was also then that my interest in table set ups has been revived. I have a small notebook full of scribbles of ideas, which I might as well share here.

image credit: Dinner Series
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