How to Avoid And Remove Wine Hangover

 This may sound very bad but, good news, there are several things you can do so that you ca get rid of a wine hangover. Here are some suggestions:
Thinking about pairing up your favorite meal with the perfect wine this dinner? It sounds like an excellent idea but, what if you overindulge? At that moment you may not mind, but you have the consequence of a hangover you have to face upon waking up next morning.  You wouldn't want to spend the rest of the morning with a terrible headache and a painful stomach.

Not to instill fear, but this is just to show you the real scenario of a hangover that you may eventually face the day after overindulging in your favorite wine.
This may sound very bad but, good news, there are several things you can do so that you ca get rid of a wine hangover. Here are some suggestions:

a) Drink lots of water
Lots of water is the key to remove the wine hangover. Drink plenty of water because alcohol tends to dehydrate the body. This is the primary reason why many people end up taking lots of liquids either in the form of plain water, lemon juice, coffee and black tea without needing to urinate even once. If you want to keep yourself from drinking too much wine, it would be best to drink a glass of water for every glass of wine you intend to drink. Although wine is a source of water, but the presence of alcohol tends to create adverse effects on the body. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated with water.

b) Take a binge
An hour before drinking wine, eat your something or at least some snacks to avoid having an empty stomach to welcome the wine. This will keep you from overindulging and the eventual hangover. The meal or snack you will eat should have bread or pasta.

c) No prescription drugs
Do not via take prescription drugs with your wine. Doing such will only damage your body. If you are under medication, either you drink less or don’t drink at all it this is what the doctor prescribes. Drink less if you really want to save money.

d) Milk
You may drink a glass of milk before taking the wine as long as you are not lactose intolerant. The milk will provide a protective layer to your stomach and it will help you absorb the intoxicant in the wine.

e) Avoid salt
Be aware that salt tends to hasten the process of dehydration. This is a fair warning for margarita and tequila drinkers.

f) Aspirin
An aspirin will help eliminate headache. Avoid taking paracetamol or ibuprofen as a hangover headache remedy. These drugs usually have harmful effects on the body particularly after the ingestion of wine.

g) Avoid dark drinks
If you combine red wine with whiskey, expect a hangover in the morning. Whiskey is better mixed with soda or water. Avoid combining it with cola and tonic.

Hangover is caused by excessive wine intake. If you don’t like hangovers, learn to control yourself. Follow the tips mentioned above and you can avoid getting the terrible feeling that usually comes the morning after a wine party.

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