How to Organize a Walk In Closet

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you first had your walk in closet and marveled at the vastness of the space it offered? Has it turned into a messy place now with a lot of stuff in it that it takes you so long to find what you are looking for? It is a common knowledge that the more space we have, the more items we will gather to fill it up.

Is your walk in closet is filled with items you actually use or has it become a dump site for those items you haven’t figured out a place for yet? Is there a possibility that you don’t have any idea anymore if some kind of creature is already inhabiting your walk in closet? Because a walk in closet is so a lot larger than regular sized closets, you have a lot more options for customizing and modifying it to your liking while having it organized.

Begin by removing everything from your walk in closet then sort through it. This may be the part that is quite a chore, but it is very important if you are serious about getting that space organized. Do away with anything that does not belong in that place. This includes clothes and items that you don’t wear anymore probably because they don’t fit you or they are worn out and outdated plus other items that don’t belong in a walk-in closet. Next classify your items in piles according to how you plan to divide your closet space. Make a list or an inventory of the amount of area you will need for each pile. This will help you decide the types of customized closet equipment that are needed to be installed.

When it comes to customizing your walk in closet, there are limitless possibilities available. Consider adding shelves, shoe racks, clothing rods, cubbies for your accessories, carousels for ties and belts, and hooks for jackets and hats. You may also choose to add a dresser in the walk in closet area.

If you have enough room in your walk in closet, you might want to add a bench or a small chair to help you get dressed. Some people set up an island in the center of their walk in closet. They use the top side as an area to iron and to prepare their clothes for the following day. A full length mirror makes a great and functional addition, too.

Since a walk in closet is very roomy, it may be confusing to figure out the best way to utilize the space available. You could call a professional closet organizer consultant, browse samples in magazines, or use closet organization software to come up with a design that you are satisfied with. The cost of this type of project will vary based on various factors. The factors to take into consideration include the ones who will do the project, the quality of the materials to be uses, and the amount of closet organization materials that will be needed to complete the total project.
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For those of you who already have a walk in closet, with careful planning and some investment you can be able to utilize the maximum amount of space you can get from it. Always use only the best quality materials that are sturdy and long-lasting. You will enjoy a custom walk in closet that can stay organized for many years to come. The time and resources you will spend in getting this part of your home organized will be a wise investment. You will save a lot of time daily when you enter that closet to dress up or simply to find some items kept in there.

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