Choosing the Types of Shrubs to Plant in Your Garden

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 When choosing shrubs to plant in your garden, keep in mind that most shrubs are able to grow in both sun and shade in variable levels. Blossoming shrubs tend to require some sun for it to bloom; while other shrubs, like the Pierisjaponica, mature best in nearly constant shade. Make sure you consider the quantity of light available to the shrubs you're planning to plant. Will the sunlight be direct or is it strained through your neighbor's trees? Is it morning time sun or late afternoon sun? When there is no shade, would the plants be in bright sunlight for almost the whole day? All of these are conditions you should look at before choosing your shrub. Remember them when you go to the nursery.

Tips on Buying Shrubs
You'll be able to buy shrubs via catalogs, from local garden centers or from specialized nurseries. A lot of garden centers nowadays have plants that are raised elsewhere, but some nurseries do grow their own stock to distribute. If you could find a local nursery that raises its own shrubs, you can be reassured the plant will be sturdy in your area.
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If you are purchasing at a local nursery, you can see unique plants and select a specific one for the features you want. The plants are also likely to be larger than those you'd get from a mail-order catalog. But you don't wish to choose a shrub that's a bit large. They will probably be more expensive than the smaller ones and might not transplant well when you bring them home.

Nursery owners urge that you get young plants at approximately half the size of what they'll be at adulthood. That entails if you are purchasing a plant that would grow to be 6 feet tall, buy one that is almost 3 feet tall now. The plant you buy must look healthy — no brownish discoloration in the leaves, zero dead stems. Plants must look as though they are substantially watered. Don't purchase one that's wilted or really dry looking. It may not make it.
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The people running the nursery can help you decide on the best stock. Search shrubs that contain a number of stems that grow out from the central stem. Search for dense, bushy plants that contain a number of buds on the branches. Inquire if your nursery will warrant the plant. Some will and give a year’s warranty after purchase.

You could order shrubs by mail when you want a strange variety. It's best to order from a reputable nursery source that specializes in strange shrubs. See how the plant is sent out and tell them when you want it delivered to your area. A lot of reputable nurseries will guarantee what they sell and are willing to reimburse you when the plant is damaged during transport.

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