Creating Your Personal and Business Spaces At Home

If you believe you want separate spaces for personal and home business use, decide which activities would occur in each surroundings. This is not in reference to separate his and hers offices so each spouse could have sacred space; this is about creating two stand alone spaces each having a different use: one personal and one purely professional.

For instance, when you have a small desk space that meets the kitchen, you could fit it out using a laptop, files, supplies, calendar and a paper-processing center to make a household hub. At this hub you could pay bills, set appointments, organize schedules, and sort mail. The spare room or office may then be devoted as professional space for your business. If you have a huge home having extra rooms, you can pick out two different spaces and call one the home office and one the business. Alternatively, some bigger homes are constructed with two office spaces that may provide an ideal space for both private and business use.>>>READ MORE

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