Shaping the Screwdriver Using a Grindstone

Among the most valuable things you will know about tools is to use a grindstone on every one of your screwdrivers. Strictly speaking, of course, a screwdriver is not sharpened the least bit— it should be really dull. In fact, you can encounter more grief using a screwdriver that is improperly formed than with any other tool. If your screw driver ends are already rounded in its edges you will witness tools that act like grasshoppers. Such a tool could jump out of a screw, dig into the piece of fine-finished wood you are working with, and may in fact, drive you utterly mad. Having a good screwdriver, correctly shaped, you are able to easily drive home a screw that matches it without much gamble of its slipping out of the slot and ruining your work. Screwdrivers are ground on an emery wheel or grindstone to achieve their right shape. The edge must be made straight across the end and the faces close to the ends parallel or almost parallel to one another. This is needed to prevent the screwdriver from slipping.

By Tip Writer

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