How to Make Your Own Curtain

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Curtains make nice window treatments to a rather bare room. You can draw a curtain, drape fabric to make a curtain, buy a ready-made curtain and then, if you have exhausted all the ready-made choices, you can just make your own curtain.

Before measuring, decide on the drop and what type of rail you would like to have, since this will affect the width gathered, the length and so on. Then evaluate the coverage. Usually for pulleys- and rod-operated curtains you should add an extra 8—10cm on every side for the operation, and say a generous 15-20cm beyond the frame for all the hooks, rail, etc. Next, measure the correct height and width. Measure the frame but don't forget the extras you will need to total your calculations.

Purchase or borrow a sewing machine, collect swatches and decide on a pattern of style to be attempted. There are lots of great sources of inspiration. If you're new to this, go for something simple, and remember there's a lot to be said on the benefits of bohemianly draped swathes of raw cut cloth. Make sure your curtain fabric is weighty enough for the style intended.

When you bring the fabric home, and wash it following the provided washing instructions, load it into the machine to soften it up. Then meticulously, following your pattern, start to cut as directed.

Pin, tack, hem and then you are ready to machine together. Don't forget to line the curtains. This makes them look far more generous, if not the object of the method will be defeated, as light from the outside will still pour in. Thread through or attach hooks, then attach to curtain rod above the window and let them hang.

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