Recycling Carpets, Ashtrays, Doilies, and Soap Chips

Recycle Carpet Remnants
To impart your feet extra insulation from the cold, line your boots or rubbers with carpet scraps. Trace your foot on a piece of paper to create a pattern and use the outline to cut the carpeting to fit. This also works well for kids’ snow boots.

Recycle Ashtrays
As fewer people smoke these days, what do you do with all your ashtrays? Use a few as spoonrests in the kitchen. Keep one on the kitchen windowsill to hold rings when you're washing dishes. Put one in the bathroom as a soap dish. Others come in handy under plants and in floral arrangements.

Recycle Fancy Doilies
If you have those old-fashioned lace doilies once popular for protecting the backs and arms of good chairs, you could take them out of storage and use them as lovely placemats and table runners. You can use them alone, or with a plastic, solid-colored mat or cloth underneath to protect your table.

Recycle Soap Chips
Here is a way to use every shred of soap—the bits we save and never know what to do with. Take a square of nylon netting, put a handful of soap slivers in the center, fold the netting up so there are a few layers of net around the slivers, tuck in the ends like a package and sew all around the edges using heavy thread. It is great for scrubbing collar stains or cleaning hands after gardening or painting.

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