Basics to Know on Salt Water Aquariums

Maintaining some of the exotic marine creatures that live in the world's oceans in your very own home aquaria has been a dream of several individuals. This dream could have been brought on by seeing these animals on a vacation trip like snorkeling on a reef, on a visit to one of the huge commercial aquariums that have on exhibit tanks of marine fishes or invertebrates, or while looking at the marine tanks in a local pet shop. The feeling is normally enhanced by visits to friends or acquaintances who have already succeeded in setting up beautiful marine aquaria. When the urge to really do something about this dream ultimately becomes strong enough, there is the devouring of book after book on the subject together with visits to the local aquarium shops that sell marine fishes and invertebrates to check out a few of the species that are available and to price some of the gear needed to get one started.

The individual who gets involved with the aquaria hobby isn't necessarily a "graduate" of freshwater fishkeeping, although more often than not, this is often the case. As a matter of fact, some fresh­water aquarists are mainly interested in breeding their fishes and could care less about the marine hobby, where there is little to no chance of spawning success. But with the in­creasing count of successful spawnings in the marine field, even these aquarists are being drawn in to saltwater animals. The best attraction of the marine aquarium, nevertheless, does not seem to be the likelihood of spawning the animals but is a mixture of the beauty of the animals themselves and their interesting habits or behavior. There is still a challenge for those who want to tackle the more difficult species, and for those who have little or no experience there are species that are rather easy to keep. The array of animal life perfect for keeping in home aquaria is so vast there is, beyond any doubt something for everyone.

Are the effort, time, and expense worth it? No one but you can answer that question. Is it conceivable to put a value on the feeling of satisfaction and contentment you get while sitting in front of your own marine aquarium, housing strange and beautiful fishes or invertebrates, watching their antics and proudly showing them off to your friends? Again, you alone can decide on this matter.

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