DIY Car Maintenance Tips

Car maintenance must not be disregarded by car owners.  A lot of money, energy, and time can be saved just by being aware of certain techniques that can extend the usage duration of your automobile.

Frequent oil change
It is always beneficial to frequently change the car oil and oil filter. Cab and rent-a-car owners change both every 3,000 to 4,000 miles of use. For regular city use,  it is recommended  to change oil every 7,500 miles and change oil filter every 15,000 miles.

If you are confident enough and have the right tools, you may do the work yourself and thus save money.  Changing the oil and filter will take only around 15 minutes if you're used to it. If you double the frequency of oil changes over the initial 100,000 miles, you may spend about $100 more, but your engine will last years longer than expected. The option is an engine rebuild, which might cost $1,200 or more, or just buy a new car. If your chassis requires grease lubrication, do it together with every oil change.

Tire Maintenance
Buy a tire gauge and an air pump. Tire pressure needs to be checked every month and add air when needed. Properly inflated tires could last twice longer than under-inflated ones. If you rotate tires, keep radials on the similar side as you go from front to back.  Front tires of cars with front-wheel drive wear out faster than the back tires. Some tire dealers will rotate tires free of charge for their tire buyers which would save you $22 to $35 annually.

DIY Preventive Maintenance
Some auto parts just wear out.  Be aware which ones would, and the expected time they're likely to so that you can change the component before your auto breaks down. Doing this will save a $60 to $80 towing expense, you could choose the auto-mechanic of your choice, and you could even purchase the auto part at a discount price.

Bring Spare Parts
If you're planning to have a road trip vacation, take some spare parts along: a headlight, fuses, accessory drive belt, antifreeze, tube patch (for hoses), and a spare tire. If your car goes with just an irregular spare, consider acquiring a used tire of similar size and kind from a salvage yard, but make certain it would fit in your car's spare tire compartment. Also bring jumper cables, to save you the need to phone an expensive service truck.

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