Tips on Hiring Movers

When you have decided that you are to move to a new location, you may be contemplating if you will do it yourself or hire professional movers to lift and transport all your worldly possessions. It is undeniable that you will have less expense if you handle the move with some help from relatives and friends. You may spend less than $200 if you rent a moving truck and do the loading yourself. Compare that versus typical fees professional movers charge: A local move involving a couple of miles may cost around $200 to $300. A long-distance move, which needs the service of international movers may cost $500 and up. Factors such as the quantity and kind of furniture, the number of stairways the movers should manage at your new home, and other matters could affect costs. If you own a grand piano, you should get professional piano movers for this task.

If you are moving to a nearby location, you may choose a smaller, local firm. Smaller moving companies might quote lower rates than the bigger moving companies bearing nationwide distinguished names.

Although you choose to hire a professional mover, there are ways in which you could still save money by packing and unpacking the items yourself. Just be sure to initially check with the moving company. Some moving companies give out do-it-yourself packing guidelines, which could specify the type of packing materials that should be used. Some may define certain rules for packing that needs to be followed before the moving company will take on liability for damages.

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