Basics on Car Polishes

One of the attractions of a brand new car is its showroom shine. Many newer models have an added clear coating designed to add even more luster and durability to the finish. But sooner or later sunlight, air pollution, water, and other contaminants can age and erode the paint until the gloss fades, and the finish is no longer able to shed contaminants like water and dirt. At this point, auto polish can make a dramatic improvement.
            You’ll observe that auto polish come in paste, liquid, and a few spray versions. The products are interchangeably labeled wax, polish or sealant by the makers. The one-step applications contain abrasives or solvents to get rid of stubborn stains or oxidation from a car’s finish and waxes and silicones that fill tiny cracks and renew the water repellency of the finish.