Emergency Procedure to Remove Food Grease Stains from Clothes

Grease stains and oil, whether the source is animal, vegetable, or mineral, oil and grease stains are among the toughest to deal with.
For instance, you drip melted butter sauce on your dress or cotton pants, the easiest way to remove that greasy stain is to use a small can of dry powder spray found at the supermarket.  Now, what if you don’t have that product?  There’s still hope.  The first thing to do is to prevent the stain from spreading.  If you are at home, apply cornstarch, corn meal, or dry (uncooked) oatmeal.  This will absorb some of the fats and oils.  Next, get a little liquid detergent or soap and rub it into the stain with your fingers.  Then add a little lukewarm water, work it into the stain for a few moments, and press a blotter of folded paper towels or tissues onto the spot to absorb the moisture.
This procedure can be used for all minor grease and oil spots such as gravy, margarine, and salad oil.  It is an emergency-level solution.  After the emergency has passed, you should drop off the garment to the professional dry cleaner.

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