Floor Materials and Basic Floor Care

Vinyl is one of the most widely used synthetic flooring materials. It is available in conventional and no-wax styles. For durability, choose a thick vinyl material with a homogeneous color that extends through with the entire thickness. The no wax versions contain a clear wear layer on the surface. Other synthetic flooring materials include linoleum, highly susceptible to damage from strong cleaners, asphalt tile which is hard and brittle and rubber tile which is a very quiet flooring material. Natural flooring materials include cork, wood, stone, masonry, terrazzo, marble, tile, ceramic, quarry tile, slate, terra cota and concrete.  
The basic formula for proper floor care is to pick the correct product for the job. There are three basic classes of floor care products: product that clean, Combination product that both clean and shine, and products that add a protective shine to the floor.

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